Okeechobee Lake Florida Fishing Map

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Okeechobee Lake Florida Fishing Map

Okeechobee. 25"x38" One-sided. Waterproof and Tear Resistant! GPS Compatible, Mairina Listings, Lake Structure, Road Network and More. The Seminole Indian name Okeechobee, actually means "Big Water". An appropriate name for the largest fresh water lake in the United States occurring entirely in one state. The Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission states, "there is no place that can compare with Lake Okeechobee, not only for lunker bass, history and wildlife, but its size. It is 730 square mile, relatively shallow lake with an average depth of 9 feet (2.7 meters). It is the second-largest freshwater lake in the continental United States, second only to Lake Michigan. To fishermen nationwide, it's renowned for the number of bass it contains per acre and that it also produces more bass over 7 pounds than any lake in Florida and the United States. Lake Okeechobee is located in central southern Florida, north of the Everglades and south of Orlando. Lake Okeechobee links the Atlantic and Gulf sides of Florida via the Port Mayaca Lock on the east side of the lake and the Moore Haven Lock on the lake’s western side. Drainage canals lower the lake and drain adjacent lands for farming. Agricultural activities around the Lake Okeechobee area include cattle ranching, dairy farming, and crop production of sugarcane, winter vegetables, citrus, sod, sweet corn and rice.

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