Florence & Muscle Shoals, AL Wall Map

Florence & Muscle Shoals, AL Wall Map

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The 2nd edition Wall Map of the Florence and Muscle Shoals area, Alabama measures 69” x 50” and provides up-to-date cartography in complete street detail. Printed in color with a markable/washable-laminated surface. Hanging rails are mounted on top and bottom for ease in hanging. Streets are indexed on the face of the map.

The area of coverage includes the Florence and Muscle Shoals area with the following boundaries: North: 1 mile north of the Florence City limits; South: to Tuscumbia; East: to the Northwest Alabama Regional Airport; West: to Sheffield. The left side of the map is a street detailed map of Florence, Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, and Sheffield at a scale of 1” = ¼ mile (1,320 feet) The lower right area of the map shows Colbert and

Details include airports, all streets and highways, government buildings, cemeteries, shopping centers, fire/police stations, hospitals, water features, educational facilities, railroads, recreational parks, golf courses and country clubs, post offices, mileage circles, ZIP codes and boundaries, points of interest, city limits/annexations, and longitude/latitude lines.

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