El Paso, TX Wall Map

El Paso, TX Wall Map

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The 6th Edition El Paso, Texas Wall Map by Kappa Map Group features up-to-date cartography, complete street detail at a scale of 1” = 2,818 ft. Includes new streets, a laminated surface making the map markable and washable, and indexing on the front of the map. Measurements for this map are 59" x 62". Framing rails are included on top and bottom for easy wall mounting.

The area of coverage runs: North: to include the city of Anthony plus the unincorporated area of Anthony in New Mexico; South: to include the city of Clint and also the major portion of Ciudad Jaurez, Mexico; East: to include Horizon City; West: to the El Paso County line, city of Sunland Park in New Mexico and 3 miles west to include all of Santa Teresa. There is an inset map which is an enlarged scale of downtown El Paso, Strauss, NM.

Details and special features include all streets, post offices, hospitals, railroads, mileage circles, time zones, airports, cemeteries, shopping centers, water features, recreational parks, longitude and latitude lines, government buildings, fire and police stations, educational facilities, golf courses and country clubs, ZIP codes/boundaries, city limits/annexations, longitude/latitude, and points of interest.

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