Cherokee County, GA Wall Map

Cherokee County, GA Wall Map

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The 2nd edition Cherokee County, Georgia wall map by Kappa Map Group measures 54" W x 60" H (46" W x 5' H) in complete street detail at a scale of 1" = 2,000 feet. Provides up-to-date cartography with new streets and changes. Printed in color with a markable and washable, laminated surface. Streets are indexed in a separate book. Framing rails are included on top and bottom for easy wall mounting.

The area of coverage includes all of Cherokee County with the following boundaries; North: Pickens and Cherokee County line; South: Cobb, Fulton, Cheerokee County lines; East: Forsyth and Cherokee County lines; West: Bartow and Cherokee County lines.

Details include airports, cemeteries, hospitals, railroads, post offices, all streets and highways, shopping centers, water features, recreational parks, mileage circles, city limits/annexations, government buildings, fire/police stations, educational facilities, golf/country clubs, ZIP codes/boundaries, longitude/latitude lines, and points of interest.

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